" Putting your heads together becomes a hell of a lot more interesting if your people are all about commitment and creativity..."


A combo of LONG-STANDING EXPERIENCE in the management and IT field, imagination and enthusiasm is the distinctive mark of the minds that gave birth to ARM23, first as an innovative startup and later as an international company. They are the ones who make important decisions every day, coordinating the company, INSPIRING and GUIDING the work of the employees. Their solidity, together with their overall vision, allow the company to always go the extra mile and accept increasingly important challenges.

Board teamBoard team


Building long-standing, true relationships with your clients and customers demands that HIGHLY SKILLED, TRUSTWORTHY and COMMITTED people help you take the lead. When you can count on a sales manager who puts confidence and reliability first, building upon years of experience in the IT industry, a vice CTO with academic and professional background in web development, online Marketing and mobile communications, and a project manager well versed in business management, you know your business is in good hands.

Management teamManagement team


We are the perfect mix of BRAINY, PASSIONATE and METICULOUS PEOPLE, with academic background and professional experience in accounting, invoicing and in the legal field. We make sure that all the paperwork and resources get managed in the most efficient way and that everything in our offices goes smooth as silk.

Development Team

We are the team that takes on the most challenging TECHNOLOGY tasks. A group of brilliant
and dedicated professionals, made up of IT GRADUATES, GRAPHIC DESIGNERS, 3D
and DEVELOPER. Our wide array of skills and profiles makes it possible for our
company to offer diverse, innovative solutions and meet any market demand.

Marketing team

We are a combination of diverse profiles and backgrounds, and our heterogeneity is exactly what we build up on when designing FRESH , CLEVER and ORIGINAL marketing campaigns and communication activities. We cover key areas of expertise such as digital marketing, SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING, MARKET ANALYSIS, GRAPHIC DESIGN, VIDEO EDITING and CONTENT WRITING.


Content Team

We are the DIGITAL CREATIVES turning static informative content into dynamic, immersive and
appealing MULTIMEDIA EXPERIENCES. We are always on the lookout for ENGAGING
that wow our end-users. We dreamt of working with images and that is what we do
for a living, but doing it in the art field is definitely our dream come true.