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«Vermeer a Capodimonte», the interactive guide to the discovery of Vermeer
October 20, 2017

“Picasso e Napoli: Parade”, the app that celebrates the 100th anniversary of Picasso’s stay in Italy

On April 7th the Museo Capodimonte inaugurated “Picasso e Napoli. Parade”, a sophisticated exhibition dedicated to the period the Spanish painter spent in Italy in 1917. On this occasion, visitors had the possibility to witness “Parade”, the largest artwork ever produced by Picasso, together with a selection of works in which the artist’s love and appreciation toward the Italian artistic heritage are most visible and unmistakably identifiable.

Throughout the duration of the exhibition, ended on July 10th, 2017, the museum offered to its guests a unique experience thanks to the renovated partnership with ARM23, which has realized “Picasso e Napoli: Parade”, an innovative app that provides information, helps guests find their way through the exhibition and allows them to recognize the artworks on display just by using the camera of their smartphone.

The public of the exhibition appreciated the app so much, that they downloaded it more than 11.000 times.

Once again, new technologies support culture. It happens at the Museo di Capodimonte which is hosting the exhibition entitled "Picasso and Naples: Parade". To better enjoy the experience of the exciting exhibition, ARM23 has created an interactive app that will accompany the visitor along the entire exhibition itinerary.