April 24, 2018

Smart tourism: not just technologies, not just attractions

“Smart” is a word we hear more and more everyday, usually associated to a noun indicating a field of application. What makes a sector actually “smart”? Progress and the needs of a world that is getting bigger, more populated and hectic, have brought to the need of a technology that runs at least as fast as it does. But is technology all it takes?
April 17, 2018
agritech e agricoltura smart

Why invest in Agritech? The advantages of the future of agriculture

Innovation has always been the protagonist of the great revolutions in the agricultural sector. Every time a new technology enters the scene, the first ones to welcome it are also the first ones to see its benefits, which means: always stay one step ahead of others, enjoying a great competitive advantage.
April 11, 2018

Smart cities: why 4.0 cities are a long-term investment

Cities become “smart” when they stop being just places and start acting like living organisms, in synergy with the people who live in it, thanks to technologies which make it easier to connect everything. What are the advantages that smart cities will bring in economic terms?