October 10, 2018

More satisfied tourists thanks to augmented reality: 5 examples of how to apply this technology

The use of technologies such as augmented reality brings many advantages and benefits in many areas.Among all, the tourism sector is the one that can use it to give to travelers and explorers of all ages a new and innovative way of experiencing museums and cities, improving and enriching their visit experience like never before.
September 26, 2018

Indoor navigation, or why you will never get lost again

How many people, without a GPS, would get lost as soon as they’d turn the corner? And how many, unable to use GPS indoors, do get lost inside of large, closed parking lots? Well, Indoor Navigation is here, it’s spreading and it can potentially solve all our orientation problems.
September 17, 2018
blockchain new internet

Everyone crazy for blockchain: what it is and how it increases security

More and more frequently, we hear about blockchain – and bitcoin -, but perhaps not everyone knows its meaning and way of operation. What, then, is this technology designed to create a new Internet and how can it help to increase the safety levels of certain systems and processes?