January 24, 2018
smart tourism

Smart tourism and destination management: which technologies can improve territory promotion?

In the last decades the tourist industry has undergone profound transformations, which have changed both its demand and its offer. In a rapidly changing historical and social context, only the destinations that will be able to face the challenges of the new way of doing tourism will succeed in increasing their results and making them durable. Fortunately, to simplify the process and make it smart, technology comes into play.
January 17, 2018

Drones, 3D maps, sensors and apps: smart agriculture is upon us!

Planet Earth is growing vertiginously and has begun to live above its means and resources. FAO has calculated that: “Productivity of the agricultural sector must grow by 70% by 2050 to guarantee food for all”. Agritech is exactly what it takes to overcome the challenge that modernity imposes on us.
January 10, 2018
mixed reality healthcare

Technology and education: becoming doctors in the hi-tech era

The healthcare sector has always used the most innovative technologies to improve prevention, patient care and medical practices. Today, more and more devices and applications take advantage of augmented reality and mixed reality to provide doctors and hospital facilities with increasingly cutting-edge tools, capable of revolutionizing both the healthcare world and the training of future doctors.