February 14, 2018
smart city

Examples of Smart Cities in Italy, in Europe and around the world

Augmented reality, mixed reality, IoT are technologies that are now part of our daily life and that, increasingly, are used in different areas and sectors, one of these is that of Smart City. Smart City is mostly a sustainable city from an energy-environmental standpoint, which is attentive to the quality of life of its citizens and which is distinguished by the level and type of services offered. But what makes a city a Smart City? Why do we want to transform our cities into Smart City?.
February 6, 2018
Project ARM patent

Project ARM obtains the international patent, one more reason to rely on our solutions

Our Project ARM platform can finally count on an international certification that confirms its uniqueness and exclusivity. This important result, achieved in just two years, as well as being a source of pride, is a guarantee for those who decide to rely on our innovative solutions.
January 31, 2018

3D architecture and Augmented Reality, projects come to life!

Architecture is the art of shaping and creating spaces that can be used for human needs. This discipline has always used the most advanced technologies to fulfill its noble task. In this regard, we want to talk about some of the technological innovations that are most revolutionizing this sector, making it more and more spectacular and fascinating.