March 13, 2019

Mixed Reality for museums: when impossible becomes possible

“That belongs in a museum!” – this is one of Indiana Jones’ most famous sentences, because of his great respect for archaeological relics. What would Indiana think today, if he knew that it is possible to preserve any kind of relic, be it artistic or archaeological, even better than by keeping it in a museum? The answer is Mixed Reality: here is how it is revolutionizing museums all over the world.
February 27, 2019

Augmented reality and food education: how to learn about food by playing

“Don’t play with food!” How many times have we heard our mothers repeat these words when we were little kids and we started bread crumb wars against our brothers and sisters? Nowadays, however, playing with food (at least virtually) could be a pleasant way to improve our children’s knowledge about the food world. And all of this thanks to innovative technological devices which implement augmented and mixed reality. Let’s find out how.
February 15, 2019

Medtech: how medical technology is changing healthcare

The continuous research in the field of medical technology has been showing satisfying results: innovation does not just concern medical equipment, but also new technologies thanks to which more and more lives are being saved or considerably extended.