Over the last two years, the development team of ARM23 created an array of products that integrate a proprietary code, about to be patented in the US, for the implementation of a revolutionary software that uses Image Recognition and augmented reality to identify objects and people. So far, the software has yielded a number of applications that have proven and keep proving their unlimited potential. A reliable, cutting-edge and user-friendly technology coupled with an elegant design have become the hallmark of the products released by ARM23.

Project ARM
Encompassing technology for museums

Project ARM is a modular and scalable platform made to suit the needs of partnering organizations like museums, visitor centres and municipalities. It comes with built-in technologies that allow the creation of both back-end and front-end interfaces, which can be populated with the desired content, tailor-made to include the desired features and managed autonomously by our partners. The core of Project ARM is a solid software architecture whose implementation and completion are established within B2B agreements and followed up every step of the way.
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Image Recognition
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Indoor & Outdoor


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Art in your hands

KeyARt is the first and most up-to-date verticalization born from the application of our primary platform. It combines augmented reality and image recognition technologies to release a business-to-consumer variety of mobile applications to be used inside museums. With original, curated content about works of art, and a series of hallmark features like videos with actors/actresses, audio content, games and interactive maps, KeyARt has got what it takes to become a must in enjoying museum experiences.


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